Futureverse "Iconic/Infinity" Logo

The Futureverse is a futuristic lifestyle brand providing the merch, media, mythos, and mentorship for future generations.

Our streaming platform, Futureverse Studios is a San Diego-based digital media company that specializes in content creation, video production, music production, and digital marketing for mission-based brands seeking to upgrade their presence in the digital space.

Inspired by the works of Marvel Studios and Masterclass, The Futureverse expands it's reach via social media, with an interconnected universe of creative IPs and digital courses, powered by the "futurepreneurs" of Tomorrow.

“The concept behind The Futureverse is futuristic minimalism. I was called to create something that was not only easy to ‘read’ as a logo but a functional brand and timeless icon. The overall aesthetic is based on san serif fonts and stencil art, a nod to my past as a young graffiti writer.”

DAVID 2.0 | Founder